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          JP Garment Ethiopia PLC

          Company Profile:

          Company Name: JP Garment Ethiopia PLC

          Location: Hawassa Industrial Park, SNNPR, Ethiopia

          JP Garment Ethiopia PLC, a garment manufacturing enterprise, co-invested by Wuxi Jinmao and Chibi Jiutian, specialized in woven shirts and woven loungewear. The planned investment is US$6 million, with 24 production lines and 3.6 million pcs annual capacity. Phase 1 with 846 sets shirt production machinery has completed installation and commissioning. With the fabric supply from JP Textile Ethiopia PLC, JPGE manages to provide full-package supply for the customer from fabric to finished garments, making every effort to build up JPTE and JPGE as large-scale green textile and garment production base. 

          The company is sticking to pragmatic management, quality first, customer satisfaction, integrity and mutual benefit as the theme, to provide customers with quality products and satisfactory services.

          Main Product: Dress, Casual and other Woven Shirts, & Woven Loungewear 

          With Woven Fabrics like cotton, CVC, T/C, T/R, poly, 100’s and below, etc.

          Garment Washing (There are 4 garment washing facilities in Hawassa Industrial Park)

          Sewing lines: 24 lines (12 lines for phase 1, 12 lines for phase 2)

          Monthly Output: 300,000 pcs (150,000pcs for phase 1, 150,000 for phase 2)

          Phase 1 completed construction in the end of 2019, start trial production in Jan 2020

          Production area: 11000 sq.m.