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          JP Textile Ethiopia PLC

          Company Profile:

          Company Name: JP Textile Ethiopia PLC

          Location: Hawassa Industrial Park, SNNPR, Ethiopia


          JPTE Textile Ethiopia PLC., one of the important development strategies of Wuxi Jinmao global supply chain, is a world-class advanced green textile manufacturer established by Wuxi Jinmao in Ethiopia, Africa. The project is located in the Hawassa Industrial Park, Hawassa City, SNNPR, about 340 km from Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa.

          Project Plan - Total Investment about US$138 million, in 6 Phases:

          Phase 1: Yarn-dye fabric mill started production from October 2017, annual capacity 11 million yards 

          Phase 1.5: Yarn-dye fabric mill expansion, additional annual capacity 4 million, set up and start production in Dec, 2019

          Phase 2: Garment factory in same industry park, annual capacity 3.6 million pcs, completed construction in Dec, 2019, started production in Jan, 2020

          Phase 2.5: Yarn-dye fabric mill expansion, additional annual capacity 11 million yards

          Phase 3: Piece-dye fabric mill, annual capacity 50 million yards

          Phase 4: Printing mill, annual capacity 30 million yards

          JP Textile Ethiopia PLC., is committed to building a large-scale green and zero-liquid discharge textile and garment production base, making a positive contribution to promoting Ethiopia's industrial modernization and economic development. JP Textile Ethiopia PLC. has been visited by Ethiopian Prime Minister and different government officials from various countries for many times, and highly praised by them. It is known as a pearl in the industrial development of Ethiopia.