Water Cycle



Read the following information then respond to the questions relating to the Water Cycle.


Lakes, streams, rivers, and oceans cover Earth.
Water circulates continuously between the Earth's surface and the atmosphere (the envelope of air surrounding the Earth).
Water on the Earth's surface is heated by the sun and evaporates.
In other words, it changes from a liquid into a gas, or vapor.
The water vapor then rises up into the air.
In the upper atmosphere, water vapor cools and condenses into liquid droplets.
It is these droplets that form clouds.
Eventually, the droplets fall back to the surface of the Earth as precipitation -- rain, snow, sleet, or hail.

Most precipitation falls directly back into the oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams.
Some of the rest falls on the surface of the land and then runs off into these bodies of water.
In either case, water that evaporates into the air returns to the surface of the Earth, and the cycle repeats itself.

Not all water goes directly back into the Earth's bodies of water.
Some is taken in by living things and later returned to the nonliving part of the environment.
For example, plants take in liquid water through their roots and release some water vapor through their leaves.

Animals drink water, but they also give water back to the environment when they breathe and in their wastes.

Explain what is happening in the Water Cycle.


The process whereby surface water turns to a vapor when heated by the sun is called:


How do plants return water to the environment?


How does precipitation differ from evaporation? How is it the same?


Rain and snow are types of


The following picture of the Water Cycle is missing one phrase or part. Write a phrase or sentence that fills in the missing part. The missing part would have gone in the rectangular box.


What processes form the water cycle?


How does water enter the atmosphere?


How does the sun play an important role in the water cycle?


Explain how respiration can be the reverse of photosynthesis.

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