Eat Or Be Eaten

Short Answer


The diagram below shows organisms that live in the Antarctic Ocean. The arrows show the flow of energy and nutrients within this group as one organism is eaten by another organism.

This type of diagram is called a food web. Within the food web are numerous food chains -- simpler feeding paths.

An example of a food chain within this food web would be algaeeat_or_be_eaten_files/i0020000.jpg squideat_or_be_eaten_files/i0020001.jpgkiller whale.

Study the food web below. Then answer the questions that follow.

Is the food web based on photosynthesis or chemosynthesis? How do you know?


What is the original source of energy for all organisms in this food web?


How many different food chains can you identify in this ocean food web? List two of them.


How many organisms make up the longest food chain in the food web?


What happens to all the organisms in this food web when they die? To show this, what would you have to add to this food web?


How is this food web like one that would be found in a Florida coral reef community? How is it different?


What conclusions can you make about how energy and nutrients are transmitted within an ocean community?


If pollution drastically reduced the amount of algae in the Antarctic Ocean, do you think any other organism in the food web would be affected? Explain your answer.


The first drawing below shows an ocean food web.The second drawing shows a forest food web.
Review both drawings to answer questions  9 and 10.

Drawing 1.

Drawing 2.

List one food chain from each food web.


How are the two food webs alike?  How are they different?

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